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The following is the format for participation in the convention:

Collective proposal - Symposia
Collective proposal - Symposia provide an opportunity to examine one topic in depth preferably from different perspectives. Symposium sessions are directed by a chairperson, involving three presenters and one or two discussants.

Individual proposal - Paper sessions

Individual proposal - Paper sessions are oral presentations of three papers, followed by a discussion with the audience.

CIT sessions

CIT sessions provide the opportunity for interactive demonstration of technological tools for qualitative research purposes (e.g., qualitative research software, multimedia packages, e-learning and e-projects). 

Thematic poster sessions

Thematic poster sessions involve a text and graphic display of materials that will be thematically grouped together. Poster sessions consist of presentations, providing the opportunity of a very short oral presentation of each poster. After the authorís brief presentation, a discussion follows between them and the audience. For more information on poster presentation guidelines, please go to:
  • Poster Presentation Guidelines

     One poster session shall be scheduled during the QRC2007 on the 5 September.

    The poster session shall be organized and numbered according to thematic relevance. The number of the posters will be given in the Abstracts Program. You shall get them at them the registration desk.

    During the convention, display boards will be provided for the poster presentations in the main hall. The display boards shall be numbered. The size of your poster should be 155cm (xx inches) high and 93cm  (xx inches) wide.

    Each poster presenter will be responsible for the setting up as well as removing of the poster. Note that you shall need 30 minutes to set up the poster presentation. Assistance regarding the placement of your poster and materials for mounting the poster (tape, blue tag pins) will be available during the convention at the secretariat desk.  

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